Hong Kong Photo Album

Campaigning in Hong Kong 2008IMG_1425Spending for posters and banners is strictly limited and closely monitored.  Note the number 1066 on the poster for Albert Ho, Chair of the Democratic Party (DP).  The DP is the main opposition party.


The pro-government Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong (DAB) combines English and Chinese on its banner.  We Deliver!  A pledge not to bring Chinese take out to your door but to bring home the bacon due to its contacts and influence in Hong Kong and Beijing.  Note the united front tactic of 3 organizations endorsing this team.


Posters, banners and flags adorn the paths to shopping centres and crosswalks in the final days before the September 2008 Legco elections.


Postering was strictly forbidden within several hundred feet of polling places.  This polling place is in the primary school in the distance, but the walkways up to the no posting point are full of signs and workers handing out leaflets. The workers are standing under the banners and at tables (right behind the orange banner).


While nearly everyone was too polite to turn down the leaflets, as soon as they walked around the corner many tossed them away.  The scrunched up leaflets show some anger at the candidates or parties.


The League of Social Democrats pictured above chose not only revolutionary colors of black and red, they wore t-shirts with heroes Mandela, John F. Kennedy and often, at least for "Long Hair" Leung Kwok Heung (background on right) Che Guevarra.

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