Hayes H. Tang

June 2009

Hei-hang Hayes Tang

Curriculum Vitae


Suite 117, May Hall, Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong,

Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong, China


Phone number: (+852) 2241-5079

Email address: hayestang@hku.hk




Doctor of Philosophy in Comparative Sociology of Higher Education (Candidate)

The University of Hong Kong,


Master of Philosophy in Sociology of Education

The University of Hong Kong, 2003


Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in Political Science

The University of Hong Kong, 1998



2005-2007 Research Assistant for Gerard A. Postiglione, HKU

2003-2005 Assistant Researcher for Amy B.M. Tsui, K.K.Tong and Steve Andrews, HKU

2000-2003 Tutor in Sociology, HKU

1997 Part-time Research Assistant for Hong Kong Transition Project



2007-2010 Postgraduate Studentship, Faculty of Education, HKU

2008-2009 Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fellowships for Postgraduate Research Students, Short-listed candidate for HKU

2007-2008 Faculty Research Fund, Faculty of Education, HKU

2002-2003 Demonstratorship, Department of Sociology, HKU

2000-2002 Postgraduate Studentship, Department of Sociology, HKU



Forthcoming. “Higher Education Governance and Academic Entrepreneurialism: A Comparative Study of Hong Kong and Macau “ In H. Yee, W.Y.Yu, K.K. Kwong. (eds.). A Tale of Two Cities III: The Political, Economic and Social Development of Hong Kong and Macao Ten years After the Handover. Macau: Macau Social Science Society. (In Chinese)


2008. (with Gerard A. Postiglione) “A Preliminary Review of the Hong Kong Changing Academic Profession Data” in RIHE (ed.) The Changing Academic Profession in International Comparative and Quantitative Perspectives. Hiroshima: RIHE, Hiroshima University


2008. (with Gerard A. Postiglione) “Reshaping the Academic Profession in Hong Kong’s Universities: Within the New Dynamics of East Asian Higher Education”. Paper presented in the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Sub-regional Preparatory Conference for the 2009 World Conference on Higher Education, Macau: September, 25-26 2008.


2002. New Arrival Students in Hong Kong : Adaptation and School Performance. Hong Kong: The University of Hong Kong. Master of Philosophy Thesis.


2002. (complied with K.E.Kuah) First International Symposium on Chinese Women and Their Network Capital: Preliminary Conference Proceedings. Hong Kong: The University of Hong Kong.


2002. “The Childhood of Hong Kong” Journal on Hong Kong Popular Culture (4). Hong Kong: Wheater. pp. 74-76. (An autobiography in Chinese)



“Academic Entrepreneurialism and Its Related Concepts: A Review of the Literature”, Manuscript


Doctorates and Academic Internationalisation in Hong Kong and South Korea, Manuscript


“American Doctorates in Hong Kong and South Korea: Values, Actions and Environments”, Manuscript



“Academic Entrepreneurship and New Scholars in Hong Kong: An Exploratory Study”, Postgraduate Research Conference, Faculty of Education, HKU, December 2008

“The Politics of Higher Education Policy-Making in Hong Kong”, Hong Kong Political Science Association Annual Meeting, November 2007



2009- Reviewer, Research Studies in Education

2002 Organiser, Research Postgraduate Conference Organizing Committee, Faculty of Social Sciences, HKU

2001-2002 Member, Teaching and Curriculum Committee, Department of Sociology, HKU

2001 Postgraduate Representative, Panel of Faculty Review, Faculty of Social Sciences, HKU

1995-1996 Chair, Sociology Society, HKU



Professor Janet Salaff

Professor Emerita of Sociology

University of Toronto, Canada


Professor Benjamin K.P. Leung

Honourary Professor of Sociology

University of Hong Kong, China


Professor Sonny S.H. Lo

Professor of Political Science

University of Waterloo, Canada


Dr Sheigla Murphy

Director of Center for Substance Abuse Studies

Institute for Scientific Analysis, United Sates of America

Contact:  degolyer@hkbu.edu.hk (copyright HKTP 2009-2010)