10 June 2010  Tempers rising in Hong Kong 

A new report "Before the Legislative Council Votes on Constitutional Reform:  Avoidable confrontation or inevitable conflict?" will be released to the download reports page of this website on 10 June, 2010.  The report finds rising levels of dissatisfaction and growing willingness to confront the government of Hong Kong and the Central Peoples Government.  Men and youth are particularly dissatisfied and significant numbers are willing to engage in confrontative actions, up to and including blockading government offices and engaging in hunger strikes.  Blocking offices and roads could very well provoke a strong reaction from the Hong Kong police, who have been increasingly aggressive in their treatment of demonstrators.  The prospects for violence in Hong Kong have been growing over the last 6 months, with a precipitating event in January 2010 that triggered strong protests not seen in Hong Kong for many years.  Arrests and injuries have taken place with increasing frequency at protests.  The report will present findings from a random survey taken 6-15 May this year.  Further reports will be posted on this website as the situation in Hong Kong takes a more and more serious turn.

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